Lily Ana Morici 20’: Simona Iacobacci ‘20 committed to Lourdes University to continue her sport and academic career. Iacobacci officially signed and committed February 3rd, 2020.

Her main drive her entire life, Iacobacci competitively participated in soccer for 14 years and still continues her soccer career. A part of the Romeo Girls Soccer program since her freshman year, she played varsity for 3 years. The coaches discovered a drive within her and pulled her up her sophomore year. Since then, she successfully displayed her dedication and passion for the sport through a multitude of games.

The love for the game not only lies in her head but in her heart as well. In efforts to elongate her athletic career, Iacobacci pushed to excel at a higher level of playing: college soccer. Through this process, she uncovered lessons in the quest of achieving her childhood dream. 

“I have honestly never worked so hard for something. It truly takes work to achieve and it is done through countless hours of emailing and using communication skills with other coaches, traveling to colleges, and constantly texting and answering phone calls during your days,” Iacobacci ‘20 said.

In the end, her effort grabbed the attention of Lourdes University. Lourdes University, located in Sylvania, Ohio, provides a values-centered education that enriches lives and advances academic excellence through the integration of liberal arts and professional studies. During her attendance, Iacobacci plans to study nursing, a prevalent part of her life.

“Their nursing program is one of the best I’ve seen and I feel that they will set me up to have a successful career in nursing. I have wanted to be a nurse since preschool and I’ve never thought anything otherwise. I am the type of person that loves interacting with others and learning about many different cultures and types of people. I also love helping others so this career helps me do all of those things.”

However, Iacobacci does not take all the fame and glory. She attributes a significant amount of her prosperity in athletics to her parents and coaches. Many parents want their child to be the best, Iacobacci describes, so they enforce their kids to attend multiple camps and put in crazy, endless hours in addition to their normal practice and game times. A different route was taken for her and it not only caused her not to “burn out”, but made her a better player mentally and physically. 

“My dad played [soccer] and experienced burnout and never wanted it to happen to me. While all my friends were practicing 7 days a week, I was only practicing 5. I used to get so frustrated because even though I was just as good as them, I wanted to be included in all of the training. However, I am thankful my parents kept steady because eventually, those who trained 7 days a week were good, but they burned out and quit. I took a bit of a slower approach and trusted my coaches to get me to the skill level for college my senior year and they did.”

A motivated individual who strives to be at the top of her game, Iacobacci’s hard work places her in the spot she is in today. She discusses that through every hardship, victory lies in the distance. Motivational quotes provide a huge source of empowerment for her pursuit. The quote, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful,” deeply resonates with her and reminds her of the end goal. 
Simona spoke candidly about her future and the excitement that comes with this new beginning.

“I am looking forward to many things going into college, but I am mostly looking forward to making new relationships with my teammates, getting out of my comfort zone, making new friends, studying nursing, and getting to continue playing the game that I love in a Gray Wolves jersey.”

RNews wishes Iacobacci the best at Lourdes University with soccer and her academics!

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