Cambell Geibel ‘21: Last week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded to a question asking her opinion on lowering the voting age from 18 to 16. After expressing her support for lowering the voting age, Speaker Pelosi’s statement received some reactions on various social media platforms. Many users on Twitter responded with comical stories of the immature things they partook in as 16 year olds. With all joking aside, Speaker Pelosi’s comment sparks a good conversation among students about lowering the legal voting age.

Some feel that a younger voting age seems appropriate because it includes a larger population. With larger amounts of people voting, benefits such as citizens getting more involved in government and new ideas emerge. Lowering the age also targets students in their prime time of learning about government which makes them more educated and engaged voters.

“The voting age should be lowered because at 16 we are a part of society and old enough to make decisions“ Logan Rolfs ‘22 said.

Many others think lowering the voting age seems unreasonable because of the immaturity of teenagers. So young and immature, at times teenagers judgement becomes clouded and they make wrong decisions.

“Voting age should definitely not be lowered because teenagers don’t know anything and are really immature,” Madilyn McClelland ‘21 said.

As of now the voting age remains 18, however the debate stemmed from Speaker Pelosi’s comment shows the importance of freedom of speech and the right of conversing and questioning the current laws in place. Whether or not the legal voting age ever gets lowered, voting remains an important part of the United States government and something young people look forward to as they get older.

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