Chloe Lucci ‘19: As Thanksgiving passes, people begin getting into the holiday spirit. This means endless nights picking out presents, eating food, and dealing with the suspense of Christmas just a few short weeks away.

With Christmas right around the corner, the window for buying gifts is quickly closing, however, some parents continue waiting until the last possible minute to wrap up all Christmas details.

“It is always so hard to find stores open on the holidays, especially since I procrastinate until the last minute to get presents,” Josette Lucci, RHS parent, said.

Opening store doors on holidays allows parents to shop for any last minute gifts.

During the holiday season, parents are continuously making plans in an attempt to ensure a smooth sailing holiday.

Many agree that closing stores on holidays allows for employees to spend time with their families.

“If I was an employee and had to work all day on a holiday, I would be pretty upset,” Megan Bieganski ‘18 said. “I like to spend time with my family on the holidays. I can’t think of a time where my family needed to go to the store, so why bother keeping them open?”

While this holds true, most stores begin closing earlier than on an average work day, allowing employees to spend time with their families on holidays. With stores available, parents aren’t worrying about any minor details going unnoticed.

Keeping as many stores open as possible helps out all parents who are making any last minute adjustments to their holiday plans. Whether they’re grabbing a stocking stuffer or two, or picking up the holiday ham, opening stores on holidays ensures that holiday celebrations run smoothly for all families.

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