Sydney Raines ’17: In Seussical the Musical, everyone’s favorite elephant Horton, scours Dr. Seuss’ fictional land in search of a place to belong, when suddenly he hears a cry for help on a speck floating carelessly through the air. Facing the same loneliness back in Whoville, Jojo stumbles across his true friend Horton who shares his curious nature. Horton then vows to protect the speck despite the crazy delusions the rest of the jungle animals accuse him of. The quirky, Gertrude McFuzz, stands by her neighbor’s side, whom she’s loved from the very start, in hopes he will one day look at her the way he looks at the clover. The outrageously fun and colorful musical incorporates some of the best memories from childhood that all ages adore. The nostalgic mood produced by this show reminds everyone of the books that molded the upbringing and memories held near and dear to the heart.

Romeo Theatre Company’s open auditions for Seussical the Musical begin after Christmas break in the auditorium, January 9th, 10th, and 11th. Open auditions allow anyone attending Romeo High School an equal opportunity to audition and snatch a role in the upcoming production. The characters in the musical are open to anyone willing to shine in the spotlight whether they part of the company or not, but singing is required.

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