Morgan Brown ‘17- Everybody, at some point, faces a serious situation, a situation that should be reported to an adult. However, some teenagers hesitate to meet face-to-face with a figure of authority, flustered and afraid to speak their mind. Romeo’s SERVE Club advertises a program made specifically to aid students in protecting others.

The OK2SAY program, stemming from an organization in Colorado, provides students in Michigan with the opportunity to report a dangerous situation, such as a planned suicide attempt, a plan for a school attack, or any personal threats that compromise safety.

The organization is completely anonymous, allowing anyone to report or admit anything without feeling embarrassed.

“Sometimes kids wouldn’t know who to tell or they’re afraid to tell someone,” Kelly Carson, SERVE club leader, said. “This program is anonymous, so maybe kids would be more comfortable than talking to someone face to face.”

OK2SAY takes anonymous tips and sends them to appropriate receivers. For example, if a potential school attack was reported, word would be sent to not only the school, but local law enforcement. The program takes all measures possible to hinder dangerous activity.

According to the OK2SAY informational pamphlet, since its launch OK2SAY has already been successful in preventing or stopping situations of bullying and potential suicide.

If you receive notice of a serious situation, pick up the phone and contact OK2SAY. It could save lives.

The program can be called at 1-855-565-2729, texted at 652729, or emailed at


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