Emi McCullough ‘22: When Covid-19 hit, many events cancelled, including the 2020 SAT test. For some students, this cancelation created an opportunity of a lifetime, and for others it hurt them more than it benefited them. Set to take the SAT in the spring of 2020, Chloe Waldschmidt ‘21 took this rescheduling of the SAT as an opportunity for more time for improvement. She knew the importance of this extra time, and she knew the true privilege and value of it. 

Waldschmidt took advantage of this amazing opportunity, studying everyday and using her time effectively and efficiently. Around the end of June, Waldschmidt received the news about the new SAT date. The SAT now takes place on October 14th, 2020. Waldschmidt loves this new date – her months of preparation and dedication paid off and she feels ready to conquer this significantly important test. 

“I honestly think it’s a good time to have it right now. I will be able to get this big stress of mine out of the way and have the rest of the year stress free from this big burden,” Waldschmidt said. 

On the other hand, Jailyn Flick ‘21 holds an outlook completely different from her peer Waldschmidt. During the summer, Flick never received the chance to study for her SAT, and she never heard about the new SAT date until the first few weeks of the new school year. 

We’re just now starting to get the hang of the hybrid schedule. How exactly are they expecting us to take the SAT when we’re split on days and some of us are online all the time?” Flick said. 

Flick believes not everyone feels prepared to take this SAT right now, for not even she feels prepared for this test. This stressful test gives enough students anxiety, so these new changes place even more pressure on the students, especially with college application deadlines looming overhead.

Both Waldschmidt and Flick agree that this test remains stressful and they await the moment they complete this test. Just like Waldschmidt and Flick, the new SAT test date held different effects on the students, and whether negative or positive, they all feel a certain way about the upcoming SAT test. 

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