Brooke Hochstein ‘17: As seniors in high school, each day at school seems like a slow, exhausting trek through the desert- uphill. Every school year consists of roughly 180 days (give or take). One hundred and eighty days may seem like a lifetime, but they can pass in what feels like a second. The path in front of the seniors is completely unknown to them, and many are searching for any bit of advice they can get their hands on. Those best-equipped to guide them on their journey are people who’ve experienced all the challenges themselves: last year’s seniors. I interviewed a few of them in order to help the current seniors through this complicated year.

What was your biggest regret of senior year?

“My biggest regret of my senior year was always wishing I was in college already,” Taylor Mueller ‘16 said. “Now that I’m up at school I miss a lot of the familiarities and the routine I had at home for so long. I wish I would have cherished my last year in high school a little more.”

Senioritis captures the motivation of most seniors, causing a lack of effort and failure of being in the moment. Mueller, now a freshman at Michigan State University, advises against getting caught up in waiting for senior year to end instead of living in the moment.

“Something that I regret during senior year was just living in the moment,” Kyle Grzegorzewski ‘15 said. “I think a lot of times I was worried or stressed about different things for school. I didn’t believe anyone when they said your year flies until I experienced senior year for myself.”

Grzegorzewski also advocates for living in the moment. People always mention how fast your senior year will fly by, but most don’t realize it until it’s all over.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to current seniors?

“My advice would be probably to enjoy everything and don’t let anything drag you down,” Celia Lake ‘16 said.  “Also, enjoy how easy school is right now because in the next year it’s not going to be that easy.”

During senior year, most people want the easiest classes possible. They feel as if they’re done and don’t need to work anymore, but there are two important things to remember: appreciate the ease of the year, but don’t take the simplicity for granted. Lake is currently a freshman at Oakland University, and she knows first-hand how difficult college is.

“Never schedule any 8 a.m. classes,” Cole Rapp ‘16 said. “Also make sure your class times are spread out- that way you are forced to stay on campus and study.”

How did you deal with all the stress about college and future plans?

“I never dealt with the stress until last minute; I still don’t know what I want to do with my life,” Lake said. “I’m still very stressed.”

Making decisions is stressful. Leaving them until the very last minute creates even more stress. That being said, some lucky people already know exactly where they want to go to college and what they want to do. Common advice given from past seniors is to not let the hectic year stress you out.

“I never felt too stressed out last year because I always felt like I was on the path I wanted to be on; and that’s how it should be for everyone,” Mueller said. “It can be overwhelming filling out applications and starting to seriously think about what you might be doing for the rest of your life, but my advice is to stick to your gut and make decisions based off what you want.”

What do you miss most about Romeo High School?

“I miss seeing all of my friends every single day, because now I don’t see any of them because we’re all at different schools,” Lake said.

High school students live out the same routine every day. See the same faces. Go to the same classes. Listen to the same teacher. Same. Same. Same. They want change so badly, but once they have it, they miss the way things used to be.

“I miss all the events that the school does,” Grzegorzewski said. “I miss the Friday night football games, homecoming, Watchdog week, and seeing everyone everyday.”

Romeo’s known for being a small town with a big heart. Everyone knows one another, but next year may not be that way.

“I miss being 1 in 1,400 instead of of 1 in 50,000,” Mueller said.  “At Romeo, it’s much easier to create an identity for yourself, and you always have a familiar face wherever you go. In college, you see new people every single day. I feel like a tiny minnow in the ocean. Sounds cliche, but it’s true!”

Final thoughts: All seniors agree that the best way to conquer senior year is living in the moment and not taking their last year for granted. They need to appreciate how small the school seems and the familiar faces seen everyday, because next year will be much different. Good luck to the class of 2017! Let the advice of past seniors guide you to make your own memories and prepare for a bright future.

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