Abigail Price ‘20: With the sadness of summer floating away, and the anticipation of a brand new school year, the chaos begins in the final weeks of summer. Every year, just after dog days, seniors show off their creativity and paint their chosen parking spot. Designs vary each year, as some students spend day after day perfecting every detail, while others go with the simplest idea. 

“I painted a broadway playbook with comedy and tragedy theatre masks. I also included a red ribbon with ‘2020’ underneath to represent my graduation year,” Isabella Silos ‘20 said. 

Silos, a member of Romeo Theatre Company, chose this design to represent her passion for theatre. She knew she wanted her parking spot to make her happy pulling in every day for school. 

“It took me about eight hours to complete, and I am very happy with the way it turned out,” Silos said. 

The variations in the outcome of the parking spots always catch the eye.

Hannah Woodruff ‘20 painted a ‘70s sunset to demonstrate her personality. 

“I like the variety of colors and I’ve always liked ‘70s themed things so I decided to paint my spot a ‘70s sunset,” Woodruff said. 

Thrilled with her final product, Woodruff happily parks on her masterpiece every morning. 

Adding to the variety, Kyle Szydlik ‘20 paints his spot with inspiration from his favorite TV show, Friends. 

“My spot is Friends themed with Monica’s door frame and some iconic quotes from the show,” Szydlik said. 

Szydlik’s parking spot took about seven hours for him to paint, making him very pleased with the finished look.

The uniqueness of each individual parking spot represents a way for students to express their personalities. Seniors look forward to this activity every year, as a perfect way to kick off their final year of high school!

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