Macy Manchester ‘18: As a new school year comes around, seniors are starting to apply and think about their college future. When deciding a college, students factor in price, location and campus size. Here are ten seniors, all with different characteristics they look for in a college.

Ali Mangiapane ‘18:

“I applied to Macomb Community College, University of Arizona and Michigan State University,” Mangiapane said. “I hope to attend Macomb Community College for two years and then continue my degree at the University of Arizona.”

Brianna Baumann ‘18:

“I applied to Western Michigan University and got in,” Baumann said. “I am interested in their business law program and I love the campus because it’s all new and beautiful.”

Dominic Nikprelaj ‘18:

“I want to go to Wayne State University and either become a pharmacist or a pediatrician,” Nikprelaj said.

Julienne Ciacico ‘18:

“I applied and hope to get into Oakland University,” Ciacico said. “I want to become a mechanical engineer.”

Joseph Dalal ‘18:

“I applied to Oakland University because it’s a good option for me to save some money,” Dalal said. “I also applied to Kettering University because it is good for engineering and has good job opportunities.”

Joseph Morris ‘18:

“I applied to Michigan State University, Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University,” Morris said. “I want to attend MSU and be apart of the engineering program.”

Mariah Zeweke ‘18:

“I am applying to the University of Michigan because it’s an amazing school!” Zeweke said. “I want to go into the engineering program because it is nationally ranked. I also want to be on the dance team so I can represent U of M at the Big House.”

Melissa Strong ‘18:

“I want to go to Oakland University because I want to stay home and save money,” Strong said.

Nathan Banach ‘18:

“I applied to Western Michigan University and I hope to attend there for business school,” Banach said. “I also really like the campus.”

Good luck to seniors as they begin a new chapter of their lives.

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