Megan Ferguson ‘19 and Marina Belloli ‘19: As the school year gradually comes to an end, Romeo High School’s Class of 2019 begins to anticipate their future plans. From joining the military to attending a college in or out-of-state, this time of the year filled with stress as plans finalize.

Moving approximately 447 miles away from home, Mary Kuligowski ‘19 plans to attend Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

“The community was really nice and the professors were very open to talking and letting me know about the different things,” Kuligowski said. “I am planning to study environmental and earth sciences and possible education. I don’t know who I am rooming with, I’m just kind of going for it.”

Planning to attend college out of state, Michela Hein ‘19 and Hannah Enciso ‘19 both plan to move to Chicago, Illinois.

“I am going to Columbia College Chicago. The location definitely attracted me there, it being in a big city, and the programs they have,” Hein said. “I am planning to study film making. I am a little nervous because I will be living in a different state away from my family, but I am excited for the new experiences and pushing myself to be independent.”

Although going out of state for college comes with its difficulties Enciso, remains excited to start a new chapter of her life.

“I am undecided as of right now but it will most likely be Roosevelt University in Chicago, or Columbia College in Chicago. Both of the colleges being in Chicago are good for me, as someone who is going into acting. They are both right in the heart of the city so it provides a lot of opportunities and I love the city along with the really good programs,” Enciso said.  “I am planning to study acting. Most likely a BFA in Acting and hopefully a minor in creative writing. I am a little nervous to be going away from home but mostly just really excited about it.”

Attending a Christian college, Kyle Knepper ‘19 plans to continue his education in Spring Arbor, Michigan.

“I am attending Spring Arbor University. I really like the small feel, the small classroom size and the people there. It is bigger than Romeo but not by too much,” Knepper said. “They also offer a bunch of intramural sports. It is close enough to home, but my mom wants me to leave the house, so it does that too. I am planning to study International Business.”

Taking an alternative route, Austin Simpson ‘19 plans to join the military.

“I enlisted in the Army National Guard. I am leaving on July 1 and I am going to training in Missouri for five months. I will be in the Guard for eight years,” Simpson said. “After that, I think I want to become a cop. I will be a MP or Military Police.”

College offers many new challenges as they take the next step in their lives. Good luck to seniors as they continue to new beginnings!

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