Toni Lewis ’14 – Student Life

Seniors throughout RHS are coming down with “Senioritis” as they begin their last semester of high school. Some seniors have shared their personal experiences with this epidemic.

“Personally, it makes it really hard to come to school every day or do homework,” Rachel Dennis (12) said.

“Deciding whether or not to do homework is my biggest challenge,” Graham Hughes (12) said.


“I have nine absences and we’re only three weeks into 2nd semester, that really says it all,” Steven Ruthenberg (12) said.

“My senioritis effects my homework the most because all I have to do is pass the classes since it’s second semester,” Nicholas Neumeyer (12) said.

“I mostly don’t want to do homework as much since I’m already accepted for college. Basically the only reason I’m here is because it’s required by law and I need these credits to graduate,” Margaret Devins (12) said.

“I really stopped doing my homework which is bad because I used to always do it but now it feels like it doesn’t matter,” Anna Fredal (12) said.

“I’ve had senioritis for as long as I can remember. I’m not doing so great in my classes because I’m just checked out, it’s so hard to pay attention,” Collin Engel (12) said.

“Senioritis makes it really hard to get up and get ready in the morning, I just don’t see the point anymore,” Olivia Collier (12) said.

“Waking up and coming in during the cold and being here when I can’t pay attention is hard,” Jordan Theut (12) said.

“My senioritis struggle is that it is hard for me to focus on high school when I’m already set for college and really excited to move on,” Cortney Kovacic (12) said.

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