Chase Arendts ‘17 – With their final year in highschool coming to an end, Romeo seniors decided to go out with a bang.

Brendan Salva and Ryan Marasco organized the best senior prank Romeo High School has seen in years. The two hired a Mariachi band, with the financial support of their classmates. The band then surprised incoming students before first hour as their music played throughout the halls.

The school filled with laughter and clapping as not only the students, but the administration and teachers joined in to celebrate the class of 2015.

When asked about the nightmare of senior pranks gone wrong, Romeo High School Principal Mr. Kaufman added, “I never expected anything like this, but the most exciting thing about this morning was that this was such a positive experience and celebration of the the students.” Kaufman said.

“I wanted something clever and classy that everyone would find funny and remember for years to come, something the juniors couldn’t top.” Brendan Salva ‘15 said.

The class of 2015 had the mindset every senior should have when planning a prank: keeping it appropriate without breaking any serious rules.


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