Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: As the Senior All-Night Party approaches many debates occur within the Senior 2019 class with the focus mostly on the location. In past years seniors experienced the party at David & Buster’s, but this year the 2019 Senior Class President, Peyton Engstrom ‘19, announced Total Sports Complex to host the Senior All-Night Party.

Since changing the location to Total Sports, Engstrom noticed a huge decline in students participating in the event and many complaints.

On June 2, students attending the Senior All-Night Party need to meet between 9:00-9:30 p.m. at Romeo High School where the buses transport the students out to David & Buster’s.

Gabriella Rimkus ‘19 seems pleased with the new switch of the setting.

“I would rather go to David & Buster’s because I feel like after an hour at Total Sports, the 2019 class will get extremely bored and want to leave,” Rimkus states.

Most of the students seem uninterested to attend a Senior All-Night Party held at Total Sports but some students seem excited to hang around and play some sports.

Marjon Bujaj ‘19 seems shocked that the prices rise dramatically after the first due date.

“I feel like it would be cool to try something new this year instead of doing what we always do such as David & Buster’s,” Bujaj states. “Also I did not know that the cost after February 1st keeps increasing, so that is good to know.”

With students making up their minds as the due date approaches, the Senior All-Night Party intends on taking place at David & Buster’s like years before in hopes of bringing joy to the 2019 senior class.

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