Sarah Himmelsbaugh ‘21: As a new school year shifts into full swing at RHS, students find themselves in uncharted territory with all of the new precautions, rules, and event cancellations at school due to COVID-19. Many of the traditions that students look forward to each year, from homecoming to sports games, become cancelled. However, things begin to look up for the Romeo Theatre Company. Last week, auditions took place for the early winter play, Little Town of Christmas. An annual event once at risk of cancellation, students find their hopes to make school memories during this unusual time restored.

Since the play itself will hit the stage later than usual, the Romeo Theatre Company decided to put on a special Christmas show this year. Usually, the play takes place right around Thanksgiving, but this year will be closer to Christmas, meaning that a holiday-themed play makes perfect sense for this year’s production. 

To the cast members and tech crew, a fall production means the ability to continue making memories doing what they love. For Aaron Pollock ‘21, it means one of the final productions of his high school career is just around the corner.

“As a senior, it means a lot to me that I do get to finish out my high school career on the stage. Though this will likely not be the absolute final show for me, it means that I get to do something fun and exciting in the midst of the chaos this school year brings,” Pollock said. “I can’t tell you much about the play other than that it will be a great show and that we are all very excited.”

Samantha Willing ‘21 looks forward to the show for similar reasons. Willing, also a senior, received multiple roles in the show, including one she is excited about: the “hiccuper”. She describes the show as a “cheerful production that you can look forward to”. 

“A narrator will guide you through some of your favorite Christmas tales and some unconventional ones as well,” Willing said. 

Surely, things will look a bit different with this year’s show. 

“We are hoping to have live seating available, but since the show will be taking place not too far out (from December 10 – 13) we are looking into selling tickets to attend virtually as well,” Willing said. “Rehearsal is running smoothly so far — we are taking every precaution but still getting things done and heading in the right direction towards an amazing show.”  

There remains no doubt that this production will be a spectacular culmination of long-awaited performances. After the cancellation of the 2019 – 2020 spring musical, this provides a chance for RTC to bring it all back to the stage for a fresh start — and for the first performance at the new high school.

A lighthearted form of entertainment in unusually harsh times, the RHS school play will hit the stage this December. Students, staff, and community members, especially students who play a role in the production, look forward to a spectacular show. 

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