Jenna Knepper ‘21: On September 18th, L’Anse Creuse Middle East and Roseville Middle school recieved frightening calls from a 13-year-old middle school student. The proper officials immediately reported to the situation upon receiving the bomb threats in order to take care of the urgent matter. 

As the school staff answered the frightening call, the young girl informed them that she planted multiple bombs around the schools. All students and staff safe remained as officials properly handled the situation. After the discovery of no bombs in any of the threatened schools, the young student temporarily remained in detainment by the police.

After detainment at the Juvenile Justice Center and releasement, the 13-year-old girl awaits her court date sometime within the next month. The offense placed on this young girl results in a maximum penalty of up to four years of incarceration. With the recent increase of school shootings and violence, the story of this young girl proves as an example of what can happen when a threat escalates.

Deputy Labish, Romeo High School’s Police Liason, works hard to prevent any danger from entering the school and keeps students and staff inside safe. 

“A threat is anyone threatening to do harm to someone else. No matter what you’re motivation is; if you are claiming to shoot up or bomb a school, there is no discrepancy between a threat and a joke,” said Deputy Labish.

From working in the police force for many years, Deputy Labish knows the signs of possible acts of school violence and the reality of the solemn situation.

“Anything as simple as posting a threat on social media can be reported and is dealt with very seriously. It has to be investigated,” stated Labish.

As made clear by recent bomb threats, when it comes to the safety of others, jokes no longer pertain. It becomes imperative that students and civilians everywhere recognize the severity of a threat and understand that they fall under an untolerated policy.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, each possibly violent situation gets treated as a serious and guaranteed threat. Although the story of this young girl creates a vivid picture of what can happen when someone makes a threat, her story proves to everyone that acts of violence quickly become nothing to take lightly and certainly nothing to joke about. 

As the 13-year-old now waits for a possible sentence of four years, everyone clearly sees that the safety of students and the Romeo community remains at a higher priority than anything else.


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