Alexandra Giordano ‘16- The Scholastic Art Awards recognize the artistic talents of creative young teens across the nation each year. This past competition, several Romeo high school students received artistic awards for their incredible sculptures, paintings, and drawings.

“It’s a very competitive art competition,” Lisa Joseph, Romeo’s 3D design and ceramics teacher, said. “They only select the best of the best artwork in our area. The high school had twenty-six entries and only eight got in.”

Joseph explains just how elite the competition is. The long and rigorous process of submitting and creating artwork, along with tough judges and competitors, make it very intense.

“Kids that earn a gold key have their artwork juried for nationals and if it wins at nationals it goes to Carnegie Hall,” Joseph said. “Local artists from all around the country judge who gets into our regional show and famous artists, such as Andy Warhol, have had their artwork selected through this method in high school.”

A gold key is the highest award that a student can receive, and means you are the best of the best. Romeo’s very own Megan Ross ‘15 was granted two gold key awards for a drawing and a photography portfolio.

“The drawing was a skewn perspective drawing where I combined three different points of view into one picture, and the other was a portfolio of my photography,” Ross said. “I was glad that I was able to get recognition and hopefully this will open up opportunities for colleges and work.”

Both Ross and Claudia Nowicki entered for the very first time this year. Both created pieces that stood out, differentiating from the norm.

“It was my first time entering,” Nowicki said. “I received an honorable mention award based upon that my art was qualified enough to be selected by Scholastic. It was a clay horse bust. I ride and own horses, so it was kind of my inspiration. I also thought it would be different because most people do human head busts and I wanted to be different.”

Art can be expressed in many different ways and by any person. The Scholastic Art program provides opportunity for all students interested, and allows these students to do what they love in a beneficial way.

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