Sarah Spuz ‘17- It’s that time of the year once again, the time that students start scheduling their classes for the next school year. Quite a few people struggle around this time of year, not knowing what electives to take, and what classes may be required in order to graduate high school and to get into college.

“I take the classes that will help me in the future,” Molly Ames ‘17 said.

When the time comes around, students should give themselves some time to think over what classes they might want to take. Students should consider various things, such as being able to meet all the high school requirements. The requirements include, 2 years of a Foreign Language, 1 year of Visual/Performing arts, 1 year of Gym, 4 years of English and Math, and 3 Years of History and Science.

”I take classes that I’m interested in taking,” Nichole Baier ‘19 said. “I also take all the classes I’m required to take so I don’t have to worry about it.”

Every year, there are always students that struggle picking out which electives to take. Most of the time, they pick based on what their friends are taking. However, one should take classes that spark their interest, and their selection shouldn’t be based on what a friend takes.

“For scheduling I don’t base it off what my friends take,”  Rosajenalee Diaz-Garcia ‘18 said. “I take classes that can help me in college and classes that I’ll enjoy.”

The presentation for scheduling will take place in every English classroom. The Freshman class’ presentation will take place on March 10 & 11 and forms due by the 21st and 22nd. The forms for the Sophomore class are due by the 16th or 17th. The forms for Juniors’ are due February 29th and March 1st.

When it comes to scheduling, take the classes you want to take, don’t base it other people. Keep your own interests in the forefront of your mind when picking out your classes for next year.


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