Cambell Geibel ‘21: When scheduling time comes around each year, students stress over which classes they choose to take the following year. This year, scheduling at Romeo High School runs a lot differently than last year. Sophomores and Juniors at Romeo High School, separate from the ninth grade academy, get to see the excitement of the first time choosing classes and pathways at the new Romeo High School building, built at the current RETC. The new high school plans to open officially for the 2019-2020 school year. Besides the new building, Romeo also looks forward to a new program involving the academies, a new block schedule, and new classes implemented in the curriculum.

Before filling out their scheduling papers, students attended an informational presentation put on by Principal Bernie Osebold. This presentation included pictures and graphics of the new building and explained the academics side as well.

Some of the new features that students love include taking eight classes instead of six next year. This allows for two extra electives in their schedules and more fun learning in classes students actually want to take. With two extra electives allowed in schedules, Romeo made some changes to curriculum and made some new classes available to the students such as Forensic Science, Creative Writing and more.  Students also take only four of these classes per day, switching their classes each day. This allows for more time in class, extending class periods from about 50 minutes to around 90 minutes, and more time for homework.

Students also get the opportunity to choose a pathway. The program includes ten pathways all focused around different job fields. Examples of pathways include: Health Services, Law and Public Safety, and Architecture and Construction among others. The choosing of one of these pathways allows for students to take classes more centered around the specific careers they take interest in and prepare them better for college.

“I loved everything new that they mentioned at the meeting. The building was so cool, especially the courtyard idea. I am a little bit stressed trying to decide which classes to take just because there are so many options and so many classes I want,” Kloe Klakulak ‘21 said. “Overall though I am still super excited just because I think the block schedule is going to work really well and I get to choose two extra more classes than I did last year which will definitely make a big difference.”

Once students get past the initial stress of choosing their classes, the new scheduling this year proves more exciting than stressful. The new academic opportunities and new building all perfectly show the direction Romeo moves to in this shift from the old to the new and the push towards the future.

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