Olivia Sunderlik ’21: After the 2016 bond, continual changes to the Romeo district help the community make amazing improvements. Many of these changes include updated technologies, new schools, and the combination of other schools in the district. At the start of this school year, these new updates encompassed the mix of Powell Middle School and Romeo Middle School into one big school. These students go to the old Romeo High School and the ninth graders occupy the former Powell Middle school. This new plan leaves the old Romeo Middle School with no students. Because of this, Saturday, November 9th, the community said goodbye to the school.

Last weekend, an event called “The Last Walk” took place for the community to say their official farewell to the school. During this, former students, faculty, parents, and other citizens of Romeo took their last walk and looked through the middle school one more time before its demolition. While maintaining social distancing guidelines, a myriad of people from the community waited in line outside the school. Once inside, those people took pictures and a last look at this historic school.

Romeo Middle School served the community for over ninety years; therefore, thousands of students passed through its doors. Because of that, people associate great memories and feelings with the school. 

“I really loved Romeo Middle School. The building had a lot of history and I’m thankful I got to be a part of it,” Carsyn Boggio ‘22 said.

At the institution, people made new friends, learned from admirable teachers, attended dances and other exciting events, and constructed experiences that will last a lifetime. People truly enjoyed their time there.

“I made a lot of new friends at middle school since I went to a school that was supposed to go to Powell. It was really fun,” Danielle Denomme ‘21 said.

Denomme appreciated the time she spent at Romeo Middle school. While the school’s demolition makes her a little sad, all the new changes to the Romeo district make her excited. The community says goodbye to the middle school, but they also welcome many new opportunities and developments throughout Romeo Schools. 

Since Romeo Middle School served the community for so many years, the community hosted “The Last Walk” in order to honor the school and give people the opportunity to bid farewell. As our community greets new changes, they say goodbye to the great school at 297 Prospect Street.

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