Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: Fall means one thing for Romeo High School Junior, Sarah Himmelsbaugh: golf season. Playing since 5 years old, Himmelsbaugh gained tons of experience with the sport. Many years of practice and tournaments led her to become a great golfer. Qualifying for every match, Himmelsbaugh held the best score of her team this year with a season average of 44.2 strokes.

“I usually go to the driving range first to hit full shots, and then I go chip and putt before I tee off,” Himmelsbaugh said. “I always try to look at the scorecard and course ahead of time if I can too, so I know what to expect and feel prepared.”

Himmelsbaugh individually qualified for the state championships this year. She competed on Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th. Playing at Michigan State University, Himmelsbaugh tied for 57th with an overall score of 188.

“I played a practice round at Michigan State the Saturday before and took notes on what clubs to use and what to remember about each hole,” Himmelsbaugh said. “I also went to the range every day after school to practice bunker shots and short game.”

Practicing every day possible, Himmelsbaugh proves her love for the sport. Her work ethic helps her goal to one day play for her dream college, University of North Carolina. She enjoyed playing on a team with her friends, while going out to play with her family as well. 

“I love how it is an individual sport that you can work on by yourself, but you can also play with other people and come together as a team to encourage each other and bring out the best in each other,” Himmelsbaugh said.

Looking back at the season, she enjoyed the ability to grow as a player and as a teammate. Her positive attitude helped inspire others to become better golfers as well. Himmelsbaugh’s determination and passion for golf aided in her accomplishments this season and helps to anticipate success in the future.  

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