Rachel Peil ‘22: President of Romeo’s National Honor Society, a member of SERVE, Ford NGL Academy Ambassador, Drum Major, and saxaphone player — it appears that Romeo High School Senior, Samuel Lovell, can do it all.

The National Honor Society inducted Lovell on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, and in June 2020 he became the new President of NHS. 

Lovell serves not only on NHS, but also as a member of S.E.R.V.E., another way Lovell volunteers within the Romeo community. NHS and SERVE not only create volunteer opportunities in the community, but also create a way for students to earn hours, which then becomes credits for high school classes. Through NHS and SERVE,  Lovell certainly accomplished what few students do. 

“I just completed my 200th hour in SERVE. Combined with my work in the National Honor Society, that brings my cumulative total to 250.5 hours! Pretty incredible, ” Lovell said. 

Lovell not only made endless memories while volunteering throughout the Romeo community, but he made lifelong friendships as well. 

“The people I get to work with – Mrs. Gender, Tori, Jenna, and Jenny, are all incredible people whom I look up to immensely. The students in our organization are among the most distinguished at Romeo, and having the opportunity to work alongside them has been an incredible experience,” Lovell said. 

When volunteering, students become very aware of the need within our community. Lovell received the experience of observing that struggle and learning from it.

“Romeo lives in a bubble in many ways, and one for sure is our privilege. There are a lot of people struggling – even today. With COVID-19, it has only become worse. Not only have I become more aware of how others struggle, but of my own privilege too,” Lovell said. 

Lovell passed on some words of wisdom to underclassmen about volunteering by saying: “Do it! It is beyond rewarding. Volunteering has made me who I am today, and I believe it could change your life too. Giving back is rewarding because our community has done so much for us. Big or small, your contributions make a difference, changing the world one bit at a time,” Lovell said. 

With graduation right around the corner for seniors, Lovell plans to study political science and then attend law school. He hopes to become an attorney and perhaps even become a public servant dabbling in politics. As of right now, Samuel Lovell debates between attending the University of Michigan or Georgetown University to continue his academic career. 

No matter where Lovell ends up, there remains no doubt he will always represent our school with everlasting Bulldog pride. 

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