Adam Nelson ’15- Opinion

For the students’ of Romeo High School, icy roads and plummeting temperatures made nearly all transportation impossible. As kids everywhere begin waking up, that fateful phone call comes in, notifying us all of a snow day. It’s the day before Christmas break, and there could be no better day for an early break.

Snow days are wonderful, but they can cause problems. It’s nice to have the day off, but the last Friday before break is always an important day for tests and quizzes. When school was cancelled, all those examinations were pushed back over 20 days. After this lengthy Christmas Break, most students aren’t looking at their studies. Even if the students are doing their best to review the material, nothing compares to interaction with the teacher.

“I knew how my son (Adam) was really preparing for the test on Friday, and he was disappointed that he had to miss it. I’m curious to see how his grade is affected when he takes the test when the kids go back,” Maureen Nelson, a Romeo Parent, said

As the break winds to a close, students know they only have 1 week before exams. This is hardly the best time for missing more school. As the snow piled up, and temperatures fell to a 40 year record low, it wasn’t hard to tell that school wasn’t an option for most of the week. School finally reopened on Thursday, less than a week before our first midterm exams.

Mr. Anderson, Romeo High School math teacher, “The biggest problem was the three snow days after we got back. Having one on the Friday was inconvenient, but missing over half of the week before midterms was really an issue,” said Mr. Anderson,  a Romeo High School Math Teacher.

These are some of the most important tests for students looking after their GPA, and trying to get accepted into their college of choice. After making up what was missed on the Friday before break, teachers had only 4 days to prepare the students for an assessment of the entire semester’s information.

The saddest part about it all is the topic; why are we complaining about snow days? A free vacation day with an excuse to stay inside with a bowl of soup and Netflix.

“I am always one to love a good snow day, go sledding with my brothers or build a snow fort, but I honestly wanted to have school last week so we could prepare for midterms,” said Spencer Rinke (11).

It’s bittersweet to root against a snow day, but it could be the difference between an A+ and a B-. Sometimes schoolwork has to be done, and the snow covered festivities can wait.


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