Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Not all stars run on football fields or shoot basketballs. Many people go unrecognized for working hard behind the scenes. Macomb County awarded these academic superstars at the Macomb All-Academic banquet and invited Romeo High School’s own Ryan Danaj ‘19.

“I’m an All-Academic student because I got all A’s in my four core courses throughout the years and the highest SAT score,” Danaj ‘19 said.

Receiving this achievement displays the many challenges Danaj went through and remains a well deserved honor. To represent Romeo in the best way possible Danaj and a few other students show off their success.

“To celebrate I went to the banquet I was invited to,” Danaj ‘19 said.

His grades help him stand out as a student, making his actions amplify throughout the school as well.

“Ryan is such a privilege to have in class. He has a good heart, willing to help, kind to people, hardworking, and all around a wonderful person.” Frau Page said. “He can relate to all people with his witty attitude.”

Ryan Danaj puts himself out there in the best way possible. His intelligence shines through, and his positive lifestyle makes everyone feel at home. Congratulations to Ryan Danaj and his accomplishments.

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