Nick Blankenburg ‘16 – Only thirty cross country girl runners go All State. Emma Wilson finished 10th out of 244 girls who qualified. After a disappointing season last year, Wilson was determined to prove to herself – and to others – that she could to better. That all started with getting more sleep, eating healthier, and training constantly.

Running 5-9 miles everyday and 10 miles on every Sunday, Wilson cuts herself no slack and is always running, rain or shine. She has been on the Varsity Cross Country team since she was a freshman, which was another big accomplishment for her, along with being in the top 5 for the fastest 5k time for Romeo High School. Running is Wilson’s passion, and she didn’t want the feeling of exhaustion and regret staggering throughout her body. Heart pumping, heavy breathing, drenched with sweat, bent over gasping for air. She knows that feeling, and she didn’t want that to happen, not this year.

Racing right into Regionals with a time of 18:28 and placing 2nd, Wilson and 14 other runners got a ticket in the final state race. Running a time of 18:04, she was about 34 seconds behind that first place runner, finishing 10th place. Wilson finally achieved her goal: All State. After placing 10th place at the final state race, Wilson finally knew she was going to be on the All State wall at Romeo High School. Everyone will be seeing her picture, everyone will know of her accomplishments. She was exhausted. Heart pumping, heavy breathing, drenched in sweat and bent over gasping for air, but this time, she had pure joy staggering through her veins, not regret.

Devoting a lot of her time to running, Wilson is still able to maintain a 3.96 GPA and is in the National Honors Society, which isn’t an easy thing to do. She hopes that her passion of competitive cross country doesn’t end after her senior year, especially since she has high hopes to go to University of Michigan or Michigan State University for cross country.

Running isn’t just a passion for Emma Wilson, it’s her way of life. It gives her motivation for the future. Having high hopes for her senior cross country season, Wilson has already started training, running at least 35 miles a week and takes the right precautions for her body and health. She can’t possibly wait for her last year with her high school team next year, and she’s determined to make it an amazing one.

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