Cambell Geibel ‘21: Despite the busyness of preparing for the spring musical, the Romeo Theatre Company continues to stay active and participate in other events in the community. In these upcoming weeks, the theatre group prepares for a special performance outside of the high school. On February 22 at Greystone Golf Club and Banquet Center the theatre company plans to put on an interactive show called “Stay As Dead As You Are”.

“It is sponsored through the Romeo Chamber of Commerce. They called us looking for entertainment for their event and we gladly accepted,” Kendra Knoblock, director of the theatre company, said.

With the spring musical coming up, the theatre tries to balance the new challenge.

“It’s really hard. The cast is a combination of actors from my different theatre classes, those who got a part were the ones who really wanted to be involved,” Knoblock said. “The hard part is everyone is in different hours so everybody is practicing their parts separately. So it’s a lot of working on their own and we are literally doing two things at one time.”

Their first time being hired to perform, Romeo Theatre Company chose the interactive murder mystery story to engage the guests. Those who pay to watch look forward to a delicious meal with entertainment from the talented theatre program.

“The difference with a murder mystery and ‘dinner theatre’ is that it is completely interactive with the audience. It’s not like being on stage and the audience is sitting in the dark quietly. You have to be ready for improv and answering questions, it is a difficult form of theatre,” Knoblock said.

Bound to put on a great performance, Romeo Theatre Company continues to excel and represent Romeo greatly at events such as these. To register for tickets for the February 22 show from 7:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M, visit

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