Riley Murdock ’15 – On the heels of their hit musical, Grease, Romeo Theatre Company cooks up Karaoke Killer, a dinner theatre production set to premiere at the Masonic Temple in downtown Romeo, opening May 1st.

“I love the script, murder mysteries are always fun,” Theatre Director Kendra Walls said.  “The characters are silly, the stories are always ridiculous, and I’m always drawn to comedy.”

Set at a run down, sketchy karaoke bar, Karaoke Killer features overzealous competitors, shady staff, and maybe even a murderer. This humorous murder-mystery also features a fully-catered meal. As a dinner theatre production, Pamela’s Catering will provide foodstuffs to accompany the night’s entertainment.

“I always think it’s exciting to work in a new location, because it gives my actors skills they can’t get from performing in the same spot all the time,” Walls said of the opportunity to perform at Masonic Temple. “I think it’s awesome how hospitable the community has been. I love how the Masons have been actually thanking us for using their space.”

Making up the cast are members of Romeo’s Theatre II class. Students revised the script, assigned roles, and diligently rehearsed their lines, eager to follow up Grease with continued success.

“I was picked for my role because everyone thinks I act like my character,” ShelbySue Jones ‘15, who plays Hooda the waitress, said. “I’ve never had a speaking role in a play before so it’s a pretty big jump, but I feel confident about it and I think it’s gonna be fun.”

The production also opens up new opportunities for students like Cole Rapp ‘16, who plays contestant Lou Netunes in his first theatrical appearance.

“As my first show, it makes me a little nervous, since everyone around here has been doing it for years,” Rapp says. “But it’s good because it expands my horizons. I’m happy I got to be a part of something like this.”

Tickets to see Karaoke Killer are currently on sale through Ms. Walls for $20, until the end of the day on Wednesday, April 29th.  For a night of humor and entertainment, be sure to purchase yours before they sell out.

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