Abigail Price ‘20: Last weekend, November 8-11, Romeo Theatre Company debuted their annual fall show which, to no surprise, turned out successful. The play chosen for this year was the well-known Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the story of a young boy who discovers the final golden ticket to tour Willie Wonka’s famous chocolate factory, alongside some interesting counterparts. With a play based off of a hit movie, the audience eagerly waited for the show to begin with high expectations for the actors.

Jacob DeRees ‘20 portrayed the role of Mike Teevee, a golden ticket winner who hates chocolate and prefers to spend his time in front of the television. DeRees loved unleashing this characters bratty personality and his talent for acting showed on stage.

“The shows were amazing,” DeRees said. “Everyone was so talented and I think it really showed.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory contained many exciting aspects that made it one not to miss. DeRees’s character became the first person to teleport through a television.

“My favorite scene to perform was the boat scene because it looks cool and is hilarious.” said DeRees.

All of the actors believe their show went as planned, and kept the audience entertained from start to finish.

“It kept me laughing the whole time,” said Kaitlynn Sullivan ‘20. “I thought it was casted well which made the entire performance better.”

Clearly, the performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory succeeded. If you missed this show, attend the upcoming musical that debuts in the spring!

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