Rebecca Sebastian ‘20: As the cold weather keeps coming and winter starts to approach, Thanksgiving gives the fall one last hurrah. With the whole day dedicated to family, friends, food, and giving thanks, families begin preparations from delightfully decorated dining rooms to pleasant pumpkin pie. Along with these preparations comes many unique family traditions. 

“My uncle is a teacher so he brings different foreign exchange students every year,” Olivia Lawson ‘20 said. “They are usually from China but they have been from all over the world. It’s really cool because we talk about how like is different in their country and ours.”

Families all over Romeo possess impressive traditions that match those of many other families, with a small twist. Making food with family, a classic tradition, is just one of those twists.

“The weekend after Thanksgiving, my dad’s side of the family spends all day making hundreds of pierogies from scratch for Christmas dinner while listening to the Dean Martin Christmas album on repeat,” Ryan Sebastian ‘23 said. 

Although lots of families contain very unique traditions, others incorporate more common traditions. Such traditions hold just as much meaningfulness and enjoyability as the more rare ones.

“My brothers always go hunting in the morning, and then my mom’s family always comes over to my house to have Thanksgiving dinner,” Gabby Kirsh ‘23 said. 

Families not only look forward to the home cooked meals, but they also eagerly await the big Lions game on Thanksgiving day. 

“Every year we watch the Lions game, and typically we don’t eat our Thanksgiving meal until the third or fourth quarter. After the game, and we finish eating, my uncle and I will play a little game of football. We then will play a game of Madden where the winner of the football game will play as the Lions,” Cameron Locke ‘20 said. 

The many fascinating traditions throughout the families all across Romeo, create many things to be thankful and grateful for this Thanksgiving season.

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