Jenna Knepper ‘21: All students love the feeling of waking up late on a snowy morning only to hear about the cancellation of school. Constantly checking the weather and waiting for the phone the ring on a snowy night, canceled school days come just around the corner. Patiently waiting for our first snow day of the year, some students try to speed up the process.

“I turn my Pajamas inside out and put a spoon under my pillow” said Emma Enciso ‘21.

While Enciso practices more well known superstitions, some students take a more unique approach.

“My brother and I used to run around the dining room table a bunch of times. Then we would put our pajamas on inside out and switch clothes,” Aleda Miller ‘20 said.

Miller claims that these untraditional superstitions became a fun tradition for her and her brother Matthew Miller Romeo Alum ‘18. While many people like Miller enjoy these practices, some choose not to participate at all.

“I don’t believe in snow day superstitions, I tried them once when I was younger but it didn’t work,” Milan Krstevski ‘21 said.

Whether or not snow day superstitions work, it remains a mystery to many why such strange traditions remain.

“I flush ice cubes down the toilet,” said Ava Mackovski ‘21.

People believe snow day superstitions increase the chance for more snow. Like Mackovski, the strange practice of flushing ice cubes signify a “cold front” or mass of cold air. Other superstitions such as turning pajamas inside out or backwards confuse mother nature into delivering more snow. Perhaps the most common superstition among Romeo students, putting a spoon under a pillow, dates all the way back to 1620.

Whether people practice snow day superstitions or not, it becomes certain that many Romeo High School students enjoy partaking in these fun rituals.


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