Jenna Knepper ‘21: A basketball player hits the floor and the cheering crowd silences. Through the panic and fear, the injured player finds themselves in the helping hands of the athletic trainer. With a sole purpose to calm and aid any injured players, athletic trainers sign up for an involved yet rewarding job.

Through multiple years of athletic training experience, Kayla Phillips, creates a safe environment for all athletes at Romeo High School.

“I am responsible for basically all Romeo athletics. For example, if someone gets hurt, I’m there; giving medical assistance, deciding if we need to call 911, and informing the family” said Phillips.

Though Kayla Phillips participates in an exhilarating job, it comes with some difficult aspects.

“I absolutely love working with high schoolers but, I work very weird and long hours and I do not get paid that much ” said Phillips.

Even with the long hours that Kayla’s job entails, she appreciates working in this little town.

“I love the community of Romeo. Everyone was so welcoming when I started here and this job has just exceeded all of my expectations.” said Kayla Phillips.

As an athletic trainer, this month means more to Philips than the end of Hockey or wrestling season. Celebrated in many school districts, athletic training month takes place in March every year. This month creates a time to appreciate our athletic trainer and everything she sacrifices for the school.

“This month is a time to kind of promote what athletic training is because It takes a lot of work. We are selling Gatorade energy drinks, gatorade energy chews and wristbands to raise awareness of athletic trainers.” Phillips said.

Kayla Phillips works tirelessly to ensure that all athletes remain safe during their games. As Romeo High students prepare for the upcoming spring sports, Kayla gets ready to take on her next challenge.

“Everyone really respects me as the athletic trainer and trusts my opinion which is so important for my job” said Phillips.

With all of the hard work that Kayla Phillips pours into the athletic program, Romeo High School appreciates everything that she accomplishes. To support Romeo’s athletic trainer, tweet your thoughts on how Kayla helps you at #romeoatc and show your support for everything she continues to achieve at Romeo High School.

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