Steven Rasper ’21: Romeo Cross Country raced on Thursday, October 20th at the MHSAA Pre-Regional meet hosted at Romeo High School. This makes it Romeos sixth race of the season. The cross country team on both the guys and girls side won the meet. Both teams winning this meet allows Romeo to compete in the upcoming regionals. 

The guys team won with a commanding lead over the competition with a score of 18 points while 2nd place team Dakota obtained 74 points. Zander Cobb ‘21 led the team in 1st place while Jack Kelke ‘22 a few mere seconds behind, came in 2nd place. Joseph Rinke ‘21 came in 4th with a time of 16:20, Owen Sharnas ‘22 took 5th place in 16:25 with Jack Wallace ‘22 right behind in 6th in 16:29. Connor Clor ‘24 came in 12th in 17:29. Andrew Pries ‘21 finished 16th with a time of 17:35. The Romeo guys took home their sixth consecutive win of the season.

The Bulldogs came out strong and proved their dominance by taking home the win in a challenging race. 

“It was a hard race mentally but, I think we as a team came out really strong that race, we really worked together and helped each other get through it,” said Clor. 

On the girls side, the Bulldogs won the meet with a strong lead of 29 points while the 2nd place team Dakota got 46 points. Madison Clor ‘23 came in 2nd place with a time of 18:54, a personal best for Clor. Rachel Felstow ‘22 placed three spots behind in 5th in 19:44 with both Amanda Felstow ‘22 and Sarah Greb ‘22 earning their personal best. Rose Paoletti ‘21 took 9th place in 20:37 with Emily Felstow ‘22 behind her in 10th place getting a time of 20:46. Brianna Weigand got 12th with a finishing time of 20:52. The girls team won their 4th meet of the season.

The race’s end result shows the team’s resilience out on the course.

“It was a challenging race but, I think everyone did great and put in a lot of effort. This course is always a challenge going on, but you just have to fight through the pain and stay strong throughout”, said E. Felstow.

Romeo heads out to Regionals on Thursday, October 29th for the JV races and Friday, October 30th for Varsity. 

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