Zef Djurasevic ‘19: On May 19, 2018 Romeo High School suffered a tragic loss in student Gavin Miller. Gavin played football and wrestled at Romeo. He wrestled in the 215 weight class for the varsity line-up and voted a team captain going into his senior year.

The wrestling team holds a meet dedicated to Gavin against Eisenhower High School on Wednesday, December 12 at 1:30 p.m. With the mourning that comes with the loss of such a great person, comes the celebration of it too. The wrestling match aims to celebrate the life of a great, hard working, and genuine individual. He enjoyed helping everyone, even if it included doing homework or just a ride home from school. Gavin also made everything he participated in enjoyable not just for himself, but for everyone around him.

“Everytime I go to practice it feels empty in the wrestling room without him. He was a fun person to be around, especially with his cartoon-like voice,” Dominic Todaro ‘19 said. “I know he is gone but at the same time I feel like he’s with me every time I wrestled. Everything I do now is all dedicated to him, and I bet most of the guys feel the same way.” Dominic Todaro 19’ said.

The wrestlers feel all kinds of emotions going into this duel in honor of Gavin.

“I’m very excited, but with a little bit of mourning,” Will Gaborek ‘19 said. “I think it will impact me positively and I hope to wrestle to the best of my ability. It’s a great way to honor the memory of him, and raise money for the memorial.”

The Wrestling team will sell wristbands for five dollars throughout the week to get in. The money raised goes toward the Big Brother Bear Discovery Zone, to help build the park in memory and honor of Gavin Miller.

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