Katelynn Medley ‘20: Every year, Romeo Theatre Company hosts at least two, sometimes three, shows for the students, staff, and community. On November 2nd, RTC will perform their first show in front of the school audience, continuing their annual fall play tradition.

Many students are beginning to question what the play is all about as show time approaches.  

“The audience should look forward to laughter,” teacher and director, Kendra Knoblock, said. “It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s high-paced. Every character is ridiculous, we’re taking it back to the 80’s so when you’re not laughing at the characters, you will be laughing at the clothes.”

RTC has been working hard for weeks to create a unique, one of a kind performance. Their rehearsals consist of set building, team bonding, and script memorizing.

“Rehearsal is usually unorganized at the beginning, but once we start, we get stuff done and it flows very smoothly,” Josie Raciti ‘18 said.

The cast is excited to show the community what they have to offer and what they bring to the stage.

“This show includes several funny moments throughout the entire show, whether it be funny lines we say, or our costumes,” Matthew Hutnick ‘18 said. “Not only that, but it has a great storyline as well. ”

Knoblock has worked hard with her students to create an amazing show. Because the small cast connected so fiercely, she is also looking forward to showing the audience the small groups talent.

“I’m excited for the audience’s reactions,” Knoblock said. “Usually it’s just my laughter coming from the audience and every time the show goes up with a big audience, the cast is always surprised and happy to hear reactions throughout the crowd. It’s almost like a high for the actors to really see how funny and entertaining they are, so I’m really looking forward for the cast to see that.”

RTC will be hosting their school play on November 2nd during second and third hour, tickets are $5. Make sure you come support your peers and school, all while having a good laugh.  

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