Megan Lackowski ‘24: The Performing Arts entertains and satisfies anyone who chooses to watch it. After the long year of COVID-19, the Romeo Theater Company decided to cheer everyone up with the comedy and mystery based play, Clue.

The auditions for the show took place on September 27th and 28th. Each person that auditioned possessed great talent and gave the director a hard time to make the final selection. But after some long thinking, the cast list came up. 

Ethan Rogers ‘23 showed his talent during auditions and got cast as Wadsworth the butler. “I’m really excited to be working with the cast, we’ve got a lot of new faces and a lot of returning cast members and so far everyone’s really coming to life with the script. Genuinely I’m really excited to see the end product,” Rogers said.

Rogers, a talented actor, shows a lot of emotion in his scenes. He really fits his role and knows how to play a butler. He took part in theater related activities in the past and he wants to keep going. 

“My first theater production was The Little Mermaid back in fifth grade. I played Chef Louis and absolutely loved hearing the entire audience laugh at that sort of thing. I’ve been doing theater ever since and I’ve got no intentions of stopping anytime soon,” Rogers said. 

More than one cast member carries some past performance experience. Mason Pickard ‘24 plays Mr. Green in the upcoming play Clue, and shows some theatrical background as well. Pickard underwent about two to three years of experience before joining the play. Rogers wants to work with his cast members and put on the show. 

“I think that they are all very skilled in acting and each person is really impressive. They all got casted very well and they all fit their roles perfectly,” Pickard said. 

Put in a reminder for this year’s play Clue! The show dates take place on November 11th-14th. Go and take a look at the spectacular cast and their amazing abilities!

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