Lackowski ‘24: Show time peaks around the corner while everyone works extremely hard with all the finishing touches. The actors start to clean up their performance and the tech crew makes their final touches. The whole team got to hold a lock-in the Saturday before the show and they definitely took advantage of the time they received. 

For the rest of the time the tech crew puts the finishing touches on set. “I expect to get a lot of the painting finished, if not all of it; along with the rest of the set pieces. To work and hangout with friends and to have a lot of fun,” Katherine Gilbert ‘24 said.

Throughout the past week all of the people involved with the show practically started living at the theater. Even when the actors get home they still practice the dances and songs. Everyone now needs to focus on their health and stay healthy for the next few days.

“For show week, I’ve been trying to get to sleep at a normal time. I’ve also been making sure that I have enough stuff to make it through rehearsal,” Alexandra Totten ‘24 said.

Mack McCloud ‘23, Olivia Welch ‘23, Ethan Rogers ‘23, Olivia Enciso ‘23, Lorenzo Block ‘23, Natalie Silos, Kayla Sak ‘24, and Mason Pickard ‘24 all perfect their songs and lines one last time before the big opening show. Make sure to go see the spring play on March 24th-27th and see all of the hard work the whole theater company put into it.

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