Ava Vendittelli ‘22: Due to strict COVID-19 guidelines, high school students remain unable to enjoy traditional fall activities such as homecoming and annual football games. Understanding the disappointment of their peers, Romeo’s Student Council decided to put on spirit weeks in the spirit of Halloween. Accommodating for the hybrid schedule, spirit week will be two weeks long: October 26-November 6. The spirit day themes will each be two days, allowing each cohort to participate. 

Adding to the fun of spirit week, Student Council gives students a chance to win a $15 McDonalds gift card! For a chance to win the gift card, make a TikTok showing off your spirit day outfit at any point throughout spirit weeks. Be sure to tag Student Council’s TikTok account, @stucoromeo21.

“We wanted to make spirit week as fun as we could since we aren’t able to host any other events. We tried our best to come up with new themes and incorporate as many versatile days so that all students would want to participate,” StuCo member Ariana Krstevski ‘22 said.

Starting off the week with a theme not done before, Monday and Tuesday is Bikers vs. Surfers. Dress like your favorite character in Teen Beach Movie by throwing on your favorite leather jacket or floral-patterned button up. Come to school looking ready for a luau or bike meet! For the virtual day, Wednesday is Pajama Day. Roll out of bed in your favorite pajamas and bed head ready to learn.

Prepare for Halloween on Thursday and Friday by showing up in a costume. Come dressed as a cat, a character from your favorite show, pirate, etc. Show off your best Halloween makeup or look for more creative inspiration on Pinterest or Google.

After the Halloween weekend, spirit week continues with Monday and Tuesday being Decades Day. Travel back to your favorite old trends by rocking an 80s hairstyle, flared pants, tye dye, or put that leather jacket back to look like a Greaser from the 50s! For another all virtual day, change your profile picture to show off a funny meme or your favorite funny picture of yourself.

To end spirit weeks, Thursday and Friday is Western Wear vs. Preppy Flair. Wear a flannel and kick on a pair of cowboy boots for western wear, or a button up and sweater for preppy flair. 

“I’m most excited about Decades day. I think it’s so fun to dress up and see what other people can come up with,” Nina Orlando ‘22 said.

Although high school fall traditions remain unable to happen due to COVID-19 and the restrictions that follow, Student Council gives students a chance to make the best of it.

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