Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: Skiers and snowboarders tackle the ski slopes at Pine Knob the moment winter begins and the snow piles up. The Romeo Ski Club offers a great opportunity for students to hit the slopes. A large number of skiers within Ski Club range from beginner to experienced, as well as freshman to seniors.

The expense of lift tickets for any ordinary snowboarder/skier at Pine Knob comes at a higher rate opposed to ski club members. To avoid these overpriced tickets, Ski Club provides students with a discount of about $30 off.

The only one in the family with a passion for snowboarding, Ally Berrios ‘20 decided freshman year to take advantage of the reduced lift ticket price.

“I love snowboarding, but it was not really a thing that my family and parents did, so I go with ski club to be with my friends, I love it,” Berrios said.

Shredding the powder since sixth grade, Phillip Zimmerman ‘21 waits all year for winter to arrive to go to Pine Knob and snowboard with his friends.

“My favorite part about snowboarding is being able to try new tricks, even though I will fall on my face, I just do it again until I learn it,” Zimmerman said.

Ski Club brings great opportunities to Romeo students, informing the school of this club increases the excitement of winter season. Each student joins for a different reason, but every individual takes the trip to Pine Knob for an enjoyable time.

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