Max Lucci ‘16 – Cracked concrete, dented ramps, and bent copings: the perfect recipe for getting hurt at a skatepark. The Romeo skatepark is mangled and worn out, and holds all of the ingredients used to create a place where injuries are common.

A safe, functioning skatepark is needed for students to enjoy themselves and practice the art of skateboarding. Skateboarding is an act of self-expression, and in order to obtain this we need a safe, worry-free space. A place for students who don’t necessarily feel comfortable anywhere else; these students can be themselves when they’re skating. Away from social situations, school, and nagging parents, skateparks serve as a peaceful canvas splattered with the individuality of students.

Skateboarding on the streets is dangerous and illegal, therefore street skating is not a valid compensation for a broken-down park. Our skatepark is not only used by members of Romeo High School, but also the surrounding communities of Armada, Richmond, and New Haven. This is the closest skatepark for students in a 20 mile radius. It’s completely necessary to have a close and practical skatepark to create more time for practice, self-expression, and pure, harmless entertainment. The community deserves a safe and clean environment for all ages to utilize and enjoy.

Many Romeo students are extremely passionate about skateboarding and the outlet it provides for them. Without a safe place to practice or a haven to form bonds with those they share similar interests with, they’re left unfulfilled.

“As a learning skateboarder it’s difficult to gain experience at an insufficient skatepark,” Ryan Eggly ‘16 said. “It’s hard to learn tricks when you’re constantly dodging cracks and divots.

The park isn’t just disappointing to the average Romeo skater, but the experienced are shocked at the condition the park is in. Romeo High School student and sponsored skateboarder Brandon Thomas has skated all over the country and agrees that not only is the park a joke, but that it’s dangerous.

“As a skateboarder, I’ve been to a lot of outdoor skate parks all over Michigan and I can honestly say that this park isn’t really even a skatepark,” Brandon Thomas ‘16 said. “The park is in terrible condition from many years of use, and from arrogant people that vandalize the park making it look embarrassing. The skatepark definitely needs to be redone, if not redone, then at least repaired.”

An equal ground that all ages can share is needed in Romeo. Skateparks provide an outlet for creativity, peacefulness, positivity, and ultimately builds a sense of community. Countless students are in the midst of aimlessly searching for a place to express themselves safely. This endless search leaves our community members disappointed,, at times ticketed, and hurt.

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