Jenna Knepper ‘21: As Romeo prepares for all the new changes next year, a block schedule trial gets tested on November 19 and 20 of this school year. Block scheduling consists of a day A and day B, each with different sets of four classes lasting about 90 minutes. With Romeo High School gearing towards an academy setup, block scheduling becomes routine for the next school year. Romeo High’s administration believes that doing a block schedule run through creates very beneficial results.

“Rather than having potentially six hours of homework a night, it is limited to four, with an extra day built in for time management.  The block can help on those busy nights when it seems there is no time for homework.” said an administrative email.

On Monday, November 19, students attend their first, third, fourth, and fifth hour. That following Tuesday, Students go to their second, third, fourth, and sixth hour classes. This practice differs slightly from what the block schedule looks like for next year in that students attend third and fourth hour on both Monday and Tuesday. Lasting their current duration, these two hours become the same as this year’s schedule in order to transfer RETC students and maintain regular lunch times.

“Practicing the block schedule, even in a modified capacity, is one of many steps to help everyone transition as smoothly as possible into the new Romeo High School and the academy model” the administration stated.

With students taking eight classes next year, they hold the power to discover and practice different career options for the future. Students manage to expand their knowledge and gear all of their classes toward their specialized preferences.

“A block schedule has many advantages.  As we move to the academy model and college and career pathways, the students will need more class choice and room for electives.  Having the opportunity to schedule for eight rather than six classes expands the students’ core and elective choices” said administration.

Many more opportunities and choices give Romeo High students the chance to practice making independent decisions. An exciting day for students and staff, this two-day block scheduling run through creates high hopes and anticipation for all the changes to come next year.

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