Megan Ferguson ‘19: Competing on Saturday March 16 at Centerline High School, the Romeo High School Robotics team, The Byting Bulldogs, placed fourth of 40 teams.  The team also received a creativity award based on the design of their robot.

“The award is just for creativity. Like a unique thing we have on our robot is a turret. The robot is basically on a lazy susan. The base of the robot doesn’t spin but the top part does,” Lauren Isrow ‘19 said. “A lot of teams don’t have that so the judges saw that as a unique feature and gave us the creativity award for it. All the hard work that we put in to make the turret work paid off. It also gives us a lot of points for states.”

To receive this award a team spokesperson describes the creative/unique feature and trace its conception, design, assembly, or deployment. The design must consist of original concept and practical on the robot. Additionally, since the creativity of the design possibly involves risk of failure in competition, the teams response to the challenges, includes failures, taken into account.

“I expect to do better in our upcoming competitions, not necessarily ranking wise but our overall performance,” Sarah Bart ‘19 said. “We also won a creativity award for our design using turret to efficiently and effectively score points. By winning this award we got five points, which brought us significantly closer to qualifying for states.”

Surpassing their own expectations, the team finished with a record of 9-3.

“We were captain of the third alliance. In our alliance was team 910 Foley Freeze and team 6091 Eagle One,” Bart said. “Between matches, the whole competition, the pit crew was working on our endgame to lift the robot which weighs 150 pounds to a platform one foot and seven inches off the ground. During the last qualification match we successfully ended by climbing, which we received an extra ranking point.”

Preparing for this next competition on March 29 – 30 at Troy Athens High School, the team hopes to achieve their many goals set for this season.

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