Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Technology takes control of most of societies lives. In this society, anything questioned technology answers within one click. Romeo Robotics knows exactly the steps taken to achieve these goals and continue to prosper with bigger and brighter ideas.

Not many people understand all the hard work that goes into the competitions.

“We design and build robots to compete in competitions. We plan on building a robot that can effectively perform what is necessary to win,” Adam Stilber ‘19, a member of the robotics team, said.

This time of the year tenses up for Romeo Robotics. Building their dream robot consumes most of their time. Aiming for their goal, they take no rests.

“During the six-week build season we are very busy. Every Monday to Friday we meet from 4-9 after school. We also meet up for five to six hours on Saturdays and if we fall behind we go on Sundays,” Stilber said.

Many little details go into building a robot others never even consider. Each team member takes on the task and split it into various roles.

“Every person is involved in the building of the robot, whether it is designing, manufacturing, programming, or electrical,” Stilber said.

Overall, Romeo Robotics cleans up their act over this six-week build period. Students work their hardest, showcasing their knowledge to impress others. Mark your calendars for March 15-16 and come out to Centerline, as Romeo Robotics takes part in the Destination: Deep Space competition.

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