Cambell Geibel ‘21: On September 7, 2018, the music industry lost a great talent. Malcolm James McCormick, better known as Mac Miller, found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home around noon. After receiving a call from Miller’s friend, authorities pronounced the singer dead upon arrival at the scene. His passing comes at the young age of 26 and appears as a drug overdose, however testing continues to confirm the cause of death. The result sparks talk of addiction and celebrity lifestyles within the media.

Miller produced multiple albums and his reach spread all over the world. Many Romeo students listen to his music as well.

“I have been a fan of his music since I was 10,” Fallon Patrona ‘19 said. “His death is so sad and tragic, but I think it will help to spread a message about drug usage in the industry and hopefully people will learn from it.”

Like Patrona, many others feel that Miller’s passing leaves a valuable lesson about drugs and their effects. Some common effects of using drugs include damaging the body physically, the brain mentally, and hurting relationships with those around you. Addiction takes no prejudice and its victims vary in race, gender, and situation. Celebrity drug overdoses teach that both the rich and the poor suffer from addiction and unfortunately often lose their lives to it. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 72,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2017. Miller’s situation shows the fatal consequences that one faces when using drugs.

If you think you or a family member may have an alcohol or drug abuse problem, contact Macomb County Community Mental Health Access Center which is open Monday-Friday 8 am to 7:45 pm at (586) 948-0222 (Collect Calls will be accepted).

In an emergency or non-business hours please call the Crisis Center (586) 307-9100 V/TTY.


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