Megan Ferguson ‘19 and Marina Belloli ‘19: Tyler and Quinn Bieniek ‘20; just one of the many sets of twins who attend Romeo High School.

Although nearly impossible to tell apart, the Bieniek twins, like normal siblings, hold a love-hate relationship with each other.

“At times it’s annoying having a twin, he’s everywhere with me,” Tyler said. “You are never alone, but it’s also nice to always have someone.”

Being the first born, Tyler– also known as Ty– remains the cleaner and smarter half of the pair. Born 12 minutes later, Quinn brings the sarcasm to the duo. Although together most of the time, the twins finally became separate from each other when they each got their own rooms in fifth grade.

“I can do my own thing,” Quinn said. “I wouldn’t say my room is terrible but I would say its relatively clean,”

Linking the twins together even more, Ty and Quinn also played hockey together for nearly 10 years, both playing the same position.

“I play forward,” Tyler said. “We can’t play at the same time because he won’t pass it to me”

Through the bond of hockey, an extreme rivalry between the twins also formed.

“There’s a lot of competition,” Quinn said. “I strive to be better than Ty”

The Bieniek twins both outlook similar outlooks of life, however still hold so many unique characteristics as an individual.


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