Joelle Pfiel ‘17 – Steven Prokuda is a tenth grader with a lot ahead of him.

“As of right now, I am the only guy on the equestrian team,” Prokuda says.

Although it takes up a lot of time, when asked how he feels about the time commitment he said “I am extremely committed. I have been riding for six years, and whenever I have free time I try to get out to the barn and ride.”

Last spring, Prokuda broke his collarbone after getting bucked off of his horse. Finding himself unable to ride, getting back on his horse as soon as possible became his only priority.

“I wasn’t scared or hesitant to get back on and ride,” Prokuda says, full of optimism.

Prokuda’s love for horses extends further than just competing for the equestrian team; He also loves to ride just for fun. He says he’s loved horses ever since he was young, and learned to ride western.

“Riding for the team is competing and trying to get points for the team,” Prokuda said. “Riding on my own is for fun and something I love to do.”

To Prokuda, horses are much more than an animal: They’re a companion, a friend, and a teammate. For shows and competitions, he depends on his horse just as much as his horse depends on him; moving as one, they count on each other to stay safe. There must be a sense of mutual trust and love for both to perform to their best abilities.

“I love being around horses so much because that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do,” Prokuda says.

Overall, Prokuda proves to be an interesting person, full of qualities that make him unique. Filled with humor, optimism, and endless energy, Prokuda shares his passion of horses with everyone he meets.

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