Joelle Pfeil ‘17- Freshman Rhett Stahovec is a part of a unique sport: motocross. He started when he was just twelve years old. With this sport, as with many others, there is definitely a lot of competition.

“Motocross is not just a one man sport, your family is a big part in your success,” Stahovec said.

He is planning on continuing riding for a extended amount of time in his future, and would like his future children to pick up on his skill of riding.

“Two ways of getting better are practicing as often as possible, and also to take chances,” Stahovec said. “You never know how good you are until you test your limits.”

When he is riding, he feels free and unstoppable. Clearly Stahovec has an abundance of passion for this sport, and is very good. He competes at a facility called “Freelin” and has won a few races there. The races are very competitive.

He practices almost every weekend at a variety of facilities, or his backyard.

“The sport is not easy at all,” Stahovec said. “It is the most physically demanding sport and is very hard on your body. You can get injured severely if you are not careful. There has been deaths if your crash is bad enough.”

It is an extremely dangerous and demanding sport. It is required that a participant in the race wears the correct safety gear.

“The protective gear consists of boots, pants, chest protector, neck brace, goggles, and gloves,” Stahovec said.

The races are scored in a variety of ways.

“First place gets so many points depending on how many people are in the race and then for every position you get below that a couple points are taken off,” Stahovec shared.

He is very confident when it comes to motocross, and he plans to continue participating in competitions. Stahovec will always strive to be the best at what he can do. He does not fear racing, but he is very cautious when it comes to the track. His future rests in his own hands, as he continues pursuing his dream of becoming famous in the racing industry.

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