Marina Belloli ‘19: For Nathan Racz ‘20, outdoor activities hold a special joy and comfort for him. With so many different hobbies and sports, Racz manages his busy schedule with lots of fun and thrilling activities.

Beginning to hunt and fish at a young age, Racz frequently takes part in these activities with friends and family.

“I love to hunt and fish on my free time, my favorite place to go is up north” said Racz.

On top of the enjoyment hunting and fishing provides, Nathan earns many hunting and fishing achievements.

“I shot a eight point last year and then I caught a 27 inch Pike one time” said Racz.

In addition to hunting and fishing, Nathan takes a part of some school sports and starts up his hockey career on the Romeo hockey team and also plays on the lacrosse team.

“I played on a house team for Rochester in middle school and stopped playing for a few years but now I’m coming back and joining the hockey team,” Racz said.

On top of a busy hockey schedule, Nathan adds lacrosse to the list.

“I have played lacrosse for two years now on a team called Free Gucci and the on the high school team,” Racz said.

Along with Racz’s active schedule, he finds time to wash his red Ford F-150 and enjoys hanging out with best friend Mikey Kostrubiec ‘20.

“Mikey is one of my friends and it’s always a fun time being around him” said Racz.

Throughout his life, Nathan looks up to his father the most.

“He is a great role model and he is my best friend” said Racz

The 6’3 ft tall Nathan Racz looks at life differently, he continues to have fun and just enjoys a great time. Although balancing his busy schedule isn’t easy, Racz always finds time to participate in the activities he loves.

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