Riley Paxton ’16 – Feature

Mrs. Zahringer, the hall monitor most students know as “Mrs. Z,” does more than what most students would guess. She is the mother of two, as well as a dog and turtle owner. However, her passion is collecting antiques.

An avid collector with years of experience, Zahringer has been compiling artifacts of all kinds since she was a child.

“I’ve collected them since I was little because my parents used to be antique dealers and we used to do all the shows with them, so it just kinda gets in your blood and you like doing things, so I started selling them,” Zahringer said.

While she loves antiques of all kinds, she prefers some over others.

“I like dishes and antique wine glasses. I tend to collect things from the 1800’s. I collect oil lamps, light bulbs — I collect a lot of different things,” Zahringer said.

Her all time favorite, however is a wreath.

“It was a mourning wreath from the 1800s, when people made pictures out of hair. It was a big art then, people saved their hair and made beautiful pictures out of them,” Zahringer said.

Zahringer goes to antique shows where she shows off her collection to interested buyers, and if the price is right, sells some. Because of this, her collection is constantly changing. Occasionally she gets tired of what she has and resells it, . But even though her collection is always changing, her love for accumulating these pieces of history will always remain.


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