Abigail Price ‘20: Dancing requires a huge commitment of time. The dedication takes many hours of after school practice along with mandatory recitals and competitions. With so many things to attend, time management becomes difficult during the school year. Sophomore dancer, Melanie Pries ‘21, began dancing at the young age of three and nothing compares to the happiness she feels while dancing.

“It is difficult to balance time between dancing and school. I continue to dance because I have a lot of fun” said Pries.

In addition to dancing, Pries shows off her performance skills in Romeo Theatre Company productions, adding on to her already busy schedule. “My favorite part about theatre is the friends you make” said Pries.

Joining the school theatre club requires a lot of extra practice time as well. Between auditions, rehearsals, and actual shows, the hours begin to add up. However, Pries enjoys the workload RTC requires. She hopes to receive a roll in one of the plays this school year and make many more friends.

With this busy of a schedule, Pries rarely finds free time for herself. However, if she ever finds available time, she enjoys watching Grey’s Anatomy and getting caught up on the current season, or even at the movie theater watching whatever hit movie just came out.

Although everyone enjoys down time, Pries loves her on-the-go life of dancing and acting.

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