Megan Ferguson ‘19: Balancing her time between school, volunteering, theatre and extra activities, Lillian Schneider ‘20 lives a hectic lifestyle. Excited for what her Junior and Senior year holds, Lillian — known as Lilly — constantly strives for her best.

“I have five siblings. Tommy is 21, Joey is 19, Nick is 14, Julia is 12, and Alex is 10,” Schneider said. “I am always driving my younger siblings around and I really am never by myself and it can be hard to manage my time.”

Taking many advanced placement classes her Junior year, Lilly wants to stand in the academic top ten.

“I am taking AP Gov, AP Lang, Honors Physics, Honors Pre Calc,” Schneider ‘20 said. “I took the AP classes so I could improve for the SAT and things like that, but also for the AP test so I could pass and not have to take it in college, because then you have to pay more. I want to go to Notre Dame and to study at a college that is ranked nationally. ”

Hours on top of hours of studying, Schneider somehow finds time to volunteer within the community.

“I study like one to two hours every night,” Schneider said. “I volunteer through my church and participate in a lot of things with them and then I am apart of National Honor Society. I also teach swim lessons and lifeguard. Along with that I am the production manager for Romeo Theatre Company and the Secretary on the Executive Board for Student Council.”

Although her life’s sometimes crazy, Lilly never stops striving for the bright future ahead of her.

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