Alexandra Giordano ‘16 – Leading a very busy lifestyle, Lauren Weber ‘16, still manages to make time for family, friends, and fun. Spending the majority of her time playing sports and doing homework, Weber is your typical high school girl.

Weber plays basketball all year round, and is also on the girls golf team.

“I’ve played basketball my whole life,” Weber said. “It’s a lot of fun to play because most of my friends are on the team, and we’ve been playing together for years. Golf has always interested me so I joined the team.”

Being in multiple Advanced Placement classes and the RETC Math, Science and Technology Program, she has hours of homework a day. She explains that hard work is her key to success.

“Working hard is just a part of me,” Weber said. “I always work hard, especially in school, because I want to succeed in the future. I think most kids should have that mindset.”

Weber, like many other students, spends money on things popular in today’s teen society.

“The most I spend my money on is gas,” Weber said. “Other than that, I only spend it on food when I go out with my friends, and sometimes I spend it on buying new clothes or on something I really need.”

With Christmas just around the corner, Weber expresses her excitement.

“I love Christmas so much,” Weber said. “I love the presents, and the food, and being with my family. One of my favorite parts is going to a big party on Christmas Eve.”

Being quite intelligent, Weber plans on getting into UCSF and having a career in the medical profession.

“I plan on going to The University of California, San Francisco,” Weber said. “I want to be a pharmacist. I hate the cold, and I can’t wait to enjoy the sunshine and beaches everyday.”

Support Lauren and rest of the girls’ varsity basketball team away at Eisenhower on December 12th, at 7:30 p.m.

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